Staying with sensation in Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a wonderful practice which can be used to help alleviate tension and stress in the body and mind organism as long as it is practiced without any striving. That means that the objective of the postures as you hold them for around five minutes is to open to sensation while avoiding the need to get into what you perceive as being a posture.

The real guide in the yin yoga practice is compression and tension, i.e.  The joints will compress together and the muscled and connective tissue is where we find the tension. When we start the practice of yin yoga it can be quite hard to find the edge of sensation and you might wonder, what does the edge of sensation mean? The edge of sensation is the happy place we can find in each posture. It is that point between agonizing postures that can only be held for a minute or perhaps two at the most.

So when we start the practice the first thing we look at as we enter each one is how sensations are being experienced and what impact does that sensation have on the mind? If sensation is to intense then the mind will immediately start to resist the experience and that will cause more tension and then start to become stressful up until the point where you have to come out altogether.

A non striving attitude and the use of props such as bolsters is a great way to find support in each and every posture as they will assist in helping you find that edge of sensation you can hold for around five minutes. This then gives you the chance to watch as an observer and even explore or track each sensation and thought that arises.

What a wonderful way to spend your time


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